More than 1,000 investors have chosen AP Capital


AP Capital is a private investment firm that manages two funds that focus on capital preservation and generation of consistent yields. Each fund operates in its own niche market.


AP Capital MIC is an established Mortgage Investment Company that offers investment in a diverse portfolio of primarily residential mortgages in the major cities and communities of Western Canada.  Started in 2008, AP MIC advances short-term (primarly one year term) mortgages to borrowers at higher interest rates than conventional 25-30 mortgages.


AP Capital REIT is a Real Estate Investment Trust that offers investment in a pool of income producing commercial real estate assets in Western Canada and the Western United States.  AP REIT acquires and manages assets where upside opportunities and long term value creation is present.

Today the firm has approximately $160M CDN in assets under management in AP Capital MIC and AP Capital REIT. Operating from our Vancouver head office, we continue to serve our investors with consistent yielding returns.