AP Funds

  • AP MIC

Consistent Yields. Risk Mitigation. Capital Preservation. Flexibility.

AP Capital focuses on delivering consistent yields to our existing 1,000+ shareholders. Our goal is to provide access to institutional grade investment funds typically not available to retail investors.

Real estate backed assets and mortgage related investments are becoming increasingly popular with investors seeking alternatives to traditional equity and fixed-income products. At AP Capital we align our investors objectives with a range of investment funds that provide:

  • Access to investment product typically not available to individuals
  • Greater portfolio diversification with less correlation to stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs
  • Less volatility than equities and public markets

Our proprietary products include a Mortgage Investment Company (AP Capital MIC) and a Real Estate Investment Trust (AP Capital REIT) tailored for private investors. With our deep understanding of the Western Canadian and Western US property markets, we meet the needs of investors who are seeking;

  • Monthly income. We distribute monthly income that is higher than traditional investment products, such as bonds and GICs.
  • Capital Preservation. Risk Mitigation through a diversified portfolio of assets and conservative short-term loans.
  • Security. Our funds are secured by real property and we diversify our portfolios across several markets, and different types of mortgages and properties.
  • Liquidity. Flexible exit terms to allow access to your capital (certain restrictions apply) in the event you need it; your investment is not tied to the maturity date of individual properties/mortgages in the fund.

An investment in one of AP Capital’s funds provides you an opportunity to preserve and grow your wealth.