AP Capital REIT


AP Capital REIT is a private real estate investment trust that offers long-term investment in income producing real estate assets in Western Canada and the Western USA. AP REIT’s long term strategy is buy and hold commercial assets in the retail and office class with a management focus on maximizing occupancy, revenue and overall asset value.

In 2015, AP Capital REIT acquired two assets: Morrison Centre in Alberta, Canada and Greenway Park Plaza in Phoenix, Arizona.

A third asset was acquired in November 2016; Cobblestone Village in Tempe, Arizona.

Map view of Phoenix properties

Map View of Fort McMurray property

The investment objectives of AP Capital REIT are:

  • To provide long term capital appreciation by acquiring and maintaining a diversified, secure portfolio of income producing commercial real estate assets located in Western Canada and Western United States.
  • Provide a monthly distribution of up to 7% (target), and a 70% profit share of the annual adjustment based on asset appreciation.
  • Provide a tax efficient vehicle for Open/Cash investors in Canada through return of capital where applicable
  • Maintain status as Mutual Fund Trust or order to qualify for Canadian deferred plans: RRSP, TFSA, RIF, TIF, LIRA etc.

Fund Summary

Assets Under Management (AUM)$75.7M CDN
REIT ManagerAP Capital REIT Services Ltd.
Monthly Distributions$56.50 p.a. per unit distributed monthly in cash or units (DRIP) for Class C1/C2, Class F, Class G, and Class H Units
Trust Unit NAV$948 per Class C1/C2, Class F, Class G, and Class H Units
Minimum Investment$10,000
DividendsT3 (Trust Income) tax slips are distributed to Open/Cash holders annually
Real Estate Asset ClassCommercial only - retail plaza, office/medical/retail
Retraction RightsSubject to a retraction penalty schedule (see Offering Memorandum)
Management Fee1.5% per annum of Net Assets; plus 30% profit participation after $60/unit (6%) distribution to unitholders
Offering for
  • Eligible Investors who are residents of British Columbia who are provided with an Offering Memorandum and must complete a risk acknowledgment form

  • Eligible Investors who are residents of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario who are provided with an Offering Memorandum and must complete a risk acknowledgment form. Investment limits apply

  • Accredited Investors in Canada who are provided Accredited Risk Acknowledgment form, or

  • Canadian entities (non-individuals) under the Minimum Investment exemption of $150,000

Eligibility for Registered fundsRRSP, TFSA accepted
Monthly Fast FactsMonthly Fast Facts

Investment Criteria

AP Capital REIT focuses on acquiring properties, which are operating below their potential realizable value. The principal business of AP Capital REIT is;

  1. Investments in the market segment between that occupied by individual real estate investors and by pension funds, REITs and public real estate companies.
  2. Acquire, own and operate a portfolio of under valued and under managed revenue-producing commercial real estate properties primarily located in Western Canada and Western USA;
  3. Improve the portfolio through strategic renovations and other capital improvements to increase income and capital appreciation with a focus on long term ownership

How to invest?

AP Capital REIT requires retail investors to invest through an Investment Dealer or Exempt Market Dealer (EMD).  Dealer representatives assist in completing the subscription agreements and discuss the suitability of AP Capital for each investor’s overall portfolio.

With investment dealer assistance, open investors simply complete the Subscription Agreement after reviewing the most recent Offering Memorandum. Registered investors (RRSP, TFSA etc.) have a few extra steps as funds must come via custodian / trust companies.

All investing documents can be found on the Investor Centre page.