Investor Centre

Investment Procedure

AP Capital requires Canadian investors to invest through approved Investment Dealers or Exempt Market Dealers (EMD).  Dealing representatives from these firms discuss the suitability of AP Capital for each investor’s overall portfolio and assist in completing the subscription documents.

AP Capital accepts new investment twice monthly.  With Investment Dealer or EMD assistance, open investors complete the Subscription Agreement after reviewing the most recent Offering Memorandum. Registered investors have a few extra steps as funds come via approved trustees.

The Steps:

  1. Choose which fund you wish to invest in:
    • AP REIT
    • AP MIC
  2. Review the OM and executive summary
  3. Fill out the Subscriptions Agreement and Risk acknowledgement forms
  4. Fill out the Pre Authorization forms
  5. For registered investment: AP Capital accepts Registered funds from numerous trustees. Please contact us for details on forms required for account creation and fund transfers.

  6. Please send documents to:
    AP Capital
    555 Burrard Street, Unit 1795
    Vancouver, BC V7X 1M9
    Attention: Investor Relations
    fax: 604.608.9070 | Phone: 778.328.7401