• Greater than $850MM in mortgages funded since inception

  • More than 2,000 mortgages funded in Canada since 2007

  • Chosen by some of Canada's top Investment Advisors and over 1,400 investors

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Welcome to AP Capital, we are a non-bank alternative lender. Launched in 2007, AP Capital Mortgage Fund has advanced more than $850MM in mortgages to borrowers in Canada; over 2,000 mortgages funded since inception.  AP is also home to over 1,400 investors.

There are two pillars to our business:

  1. As a lender: We source all mortgages through licensed mortgage brokers and advance funds (mortgages) selected by our team.  We focus on residential real estate and our preference is highly marketable homes.
  2. As a fund manager, AP Capital Mortgage Fund is a MIC (Mortgage Investment Corporation), chosen through financial advisors and investment firms for their clients. The fund’s 10-year annual rate of return is 7.75% with no shareholder losses since inception. In 2024, we are tracking above the 10-year average and expect to yield 8.5 – 9%+ to shareholders. Dividends are paid monthly and the fund’s 169th consecutive monthly dividend was paid on April 1, 2024 (170th on May 1).

Past performance does not guarantee future returns and AP Capital MIC may not be suitable for all investors.

We look forward to sharing more.  Please feel free to Contact us here.

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