• More than 1,000 investors have chosen AP Capital

  • AP Capital REIT - Commercial Asset Owner and Manager in Western Canada and Western USA

  • AP Capital MIC - short term residential mortgage lender in Western Canada

COVID-19 UPDATE: The Covid-19 virus affecting everyone is unprecedented and has impacted Canadians in varying ways.  The AP Capital team wishes you good health and safety during times like this. As the situation is evolving and changing rapidly, please visit for ongoing updates from AP Capital MIC and for ongoing updates for AP Capital REIT.

AP CAPITAL is an investment firm that operates two private equity funds.  The firm started in 2007 and is trusted by more than 1,300 investors.  AP Capital manages assets of $200M CAD between its mortgage investment corporation (AP Capital MIC) and its real estate investment trust (AP Capital REIT).

AP Capital MIC is a short-term residential mortgage lender in Canada while AP Capital REIT purchases and manages income producing commercial real estate assets in Western Canada and the Western USA.  The firm operates from its head office in Vancouver, BC.

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