• More than 1,000 investors have chosen AP Capital

  • AP Capital REIT - Commercial Asset Owner and Manager in Western Canada and Western USA

  • AP Capital MIC - short term residential mortgage lender in Western Canada

AP CAPITAL operates a mortgage investment corporation (or MIC as they are commonly called). AP Capital MIC is a pooled private capital fund that offers Western Canadian homebuyers and homeowners an alternative to bank or credit union financing. We source mortgage solutions through licensed mortgage brokers and fund only deals we choose. AP provides short-term mortgages secured by real estate primarily located in urban markets of Western Canada. Our team manages the full lifecycle of every mortgage in the fund’s portfolio. After 13 years and more than 1,000 mortgages funded and managed, we are proud of our past performance with a 10-year average annual return of 8.61% (audited, net of fees). Financial firms, family offices, and institutional investors interested in learning more about AP Capital MIC; please feel free to speak directly with our executive team. Individual investors are asked to speak to their financial advisor. If a financial advisor is not known to you, contact AP Capital who will introduce one of many licensed registered dealers who can discuss the investment options. Investing in AP Capital may not be for all, nor may it be suitable; discuss with a financial advisor. Over 1,300 shareholders have chosen AP Capital MIC and the fund manages more than $160M in lendable capital.  Mortgage brokers, we look forward to working with you. Financial firms and registered dealers, we look forward to hearing from you. Existing shareholders, thank you for your ongoing support.

AP Capital operates from its head office in Vancouver, B.C. See below for recent updates to shareholders and stakeholders of the fund.

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