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January 2022: During Covid 19 restrictions, AP personnel may be unavailable on location; however, all operations continue uninterrupted with remote work-from-home.  Thank you for your patience with on-location activities.

AP CAPITAL operates a mortgage investment corporation (or MIC as they are commonly called). AP Capital MIC is a non-bank lender that offers Western Canadian homebuyers and homeowners an alternative to Canada’s big bank, monoline, trust company or credit union financing. We source mortgages through the finest licensed mortgage brokers and fund only those we choose. AP provides short-term residential mortgages secured by real estate primarily located in urban markets of Western Canada. Our team manages the full lifecycle of every mortgage in the fund’s portfolio.  After 13 years, and more than 1,000 mortgages funded and managed, we are proud of our past performance with a 10-year average annual return of 8.61% (audited, net of fees).  More than 1,200 investors have chosen AP Capital MIC, and to them, we are most grateful.  The entire AP team manages the business with a “shareholders first” mandate.

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