Consistent Yield. Capital Preservation. Flexibility.


When Canada’s banks say no, we may say yes. AP Capital MIC focuses on delivering consistent yields to our 1,300+ shareholders.  Since AP Capital Mortgage Investment (MIC) was launched in 2007, our goal has been to provide access to institutional-grade investment funds typically not widely available to retail investors.

Real estate backed mortgage investments are becoming increasingly popular with investors seeking alternatives to traditional equity and fixed-income products. At AP Capital we align our investors’ objectives of:

  • Access to investment products typically not available to individuals
  • Mortgage portfolio diversification (multiple geographic locations across hundreds of mortgages)
  • Avoidance of price volatility experienced in public markets

Our proprietary product is a Mortgage Investment Company (AP Capital MIC). With our deep understanding of the Western Canadian markets, plus relationships across the mortgage broker networks, we meet the needs of investors who are seeking;

  • Monthly income. Via direct deposit or share reinvestment (DRIP)
  • Capital Preservation. Risk Mitigation through a diversified portfolio of residential mortgages.
  • Security. Our funds are secured by mortgages secured on primarily residential real estate in Canada’s urban markets. We diversify our portfolios across several geographic markets in Western Canada.
  • Liquidity. Flexible terms to purchase shares, and sell shares.  Redeem investments with certain restrictions apply – See the Offering Memorandum for full details. Investments are not tied to the maturity date of individual mortgages in the fund.

All interested parties are invited to speak to their financial advisor or Contact Us and we’ll introduce you to one in your area.

The Steps:

  1. Review the OM and executive summary
  2. Fill out the Subscriptions Agreement and Risk acknowledgement forms
  3. Fill out the Pre Authorization forms
  4. For registered investment: AP Capital accepts Registered funds from numerous trustees. Please contact us for details on forms required for account creation and fund transfers.

  5. Please send documents to:
    AP Capital MIC
    555 Burrard Street, Unit 1795
    Vancouver, BC V7X 1M9
    Attention: Investor Relations
    fax: 604.608.9070 | Phone: 778.328.7401