AP Capital MIC shareholders of record on June 30, 2022, received distributions payable (on Monday, July 4, 2022) at the updated monthly distribution rate of 6.30% p.a. This increase (from 6.05%) is due to the rising rate environment in the non-bank alternative lending sector as well as AP Capital’s effective use of its bank credit facility.  AP management expects further increases in monthly distributions in 2022.

Please note: Shareholders electing for monthly dividends “in cash” will see the deposit from <SGGG FSI INV.> in their bank statement. SGGG Fund Services Inc is AP Capital’s new fund manager, replacing Computershare starting June 2022.

About AP Capital MIC:

AP CAPITAL operates a mortgage investment corporation (or MIC as they are commonly called). Formed in 2007, AP has funded more than 1,600 mortgages in the past 15 years. For a current breakdown of the portfolio, visit AP’s Fast Facts.

AP Capital MIC is a Canadian non-bank lender that offers Western Canadian homebuyers and homeowners an alternative to Canada’s big bank, monoline, trust company, or credit union financing. Mortgages are sourced through licensed mortgage brokers and AP funds only those we choose. AP Capital mortgages provide short-term solutions to Canadians; all secured by residential real estate primarily located in urban markets of Western Canada. The AP team manages the entire lifecycle of every mortgage in the fund’s portfolio.  We are proud of our past performance with a 10-year average annual return of 7.95% (audited, net of fees). and more than 1,200 investors have chosen AP Capital MIC through the assistance of their licensed financial advisor or investment advisor.