Fund Facts


AP Capital MIC Fund Facts December 31, 2022

Effective DateDecember 31, 2022
Lendable Funds$230.52 MM
Mortgages in Portfolio328
Portfolio Loan to Value (LTV)58%
Mortgage funds in BC93%
Mortgage funds in AB7%
Mortgage funds in 1st position83%
Mortgage funds in 2nd position17%
Residential Mortgages94%
Mortgages secured by:
Single Detached Home56%
Owner Occupied 41%
Average Credit Score of Borrowers 707
% of portfolio in foreclosure0.19%
Average LTV on foreclosures62%
Consecutive months of dividends paid to shareholders154 months
Shareholder Accounts1,333
Shareholders choosing monthly cash distribution51%
Shareholders choosing share re-investment (DRIP)49%
Shareholders with open/cash investment72%
Shareholders with registered funds (RRSP, TFSA, etc)28%