AP Capital


The partners started AP Capital due to the lack of opportunities for individual investors to invest in institutional grade investment product in the private real estate market.

While managing a private real estate asset portfolio in Western Canada and Arizona the partners realized that there is a gap in the income producing market segment with real estate assets out of reach to individual investors but not large enough for large public REITs. The partners believe that combining these types of assets with short term commercial lending will achieve the winning combination of both short-term liquidity and long-term capital appreciation for investors. These factors lead to the formation of AP Capital REIT.

In 2007 the partners started a Mortgage Investment Company, Alta Pacific Mortgage Investment Corp., in Western Canada. Over the years this fund has provided consistent, above market returns to hundreds of investors. Due to the increasingly tightening of underwriting by the conventional banks there is a continuing growing niche for residential focused private mortgage funds. Alta Pacific Mortgage Investment Corp. has been renamed AP Capital Mortgage Investment Corp.