Taking care of investors and shareholders first!


The idea of AP Capital MIC was first discussed in early 2007 between friends Ches Hagen and Brad Unrau. From that first discussion to today, the AP Capital Officers and Directors have stayed true to their belief in taking care of investors and shareholders first. AP Capital MIC was incorporated in March of 2007 and by mid-2008 the company had welcomed its first investors and advanced its first mortgage. These first investors were family and friends and many continue to be shareholders today. After more than a decade, AP is now home to over 1,200 shareholders and the fund has advanced well over 1,600 mortgage loans. Many investors have come to learn about AP Capital through their trusted financial advisor; meanwhile reaching mortgage customers has only been possible through the great relationships built with hundreds of mortgage brokers.  Over the years, the friendships and strong connections to the financial services industry, and mortgage broker community, have led to the sustained success of AP.  Of course, we could not have achieved our success without the relenting good work of our team. A financial crisis in 2008, a pandemic in 2020, and many ups and downs throughout the years, AP Capital is proud of its 15 year history and we welcome you to join us in the journey that lies ahead.

Those that have known AP the longest might remember that initially we were called Alta Pacific Mortgage Investment Corp.  The company was renamed AP Capital in 2015.