AP Capital

Investment Strategy

Our approach is to offer specialized funds as an alternative to traditional real estate investment products. Our business model is to offer diversified funds structured around the following objectives:

  • Wealth preservation
  • Consistent income
  • Liquidity through flexible access to your capital

AP Capital REIT

The investment objective is to acquire niche sized real estate assets where there is a potential to increase income and long term value combined with short term commercial lending that provides short term liquidity to our borrowers and investors.

AP Capital MIC

The investment objective is, with a primary focus on capital preservation, to acquire and maintain a diversified portfolio of residential mortgage loan investments in major cities in Western Canada that generates attractive, stable returns in order to permit our fund to pay consistent monthly distributions to its shareholders. The fund’s target return to investors is 7% per annum; a target that has been reached since the operations began in 2008.

Individual Managed Portfolio

We offer private investment portfolios and strategies for individual investors with more than $3mln to invest. We understand each investor has their own mandate and investment goals. AP Capital allows individual investors access to investment products typically only available to institutional investors with access to both debt and equity ventures through individually designed on -or off shore structures.