• Over $700,000,000 in mortgages advanced and managed

  • Funded more than 1,700 mortgages in Canada since 2007

  • Chosen by some of Canada's top Financial Advisors and over 1,300 investors

We are AP Capital, a Western Canadian non-bank lender and we operate a mortgage investment corporation (or MIC as they are commonly called). Launched in 2007, AP Capital MIC has funded more than 1,700 mortgages since inception and is proud to work with some of Canada’s top mortgage brokers and licensed financial firms. We are home to over 1,300 investors and we are a proud partner of three Canadian big-five banks.

As a Canadian non-bank alternative lender, we offer Western Canadian homebuyers and homeowners an alternative to Canada’s big banks, monoline, trust companies, or credit unions. Mortgages are sourced through licensed mortgage brokers and AP funds only those we choose. Our mortgages provide short-term solutions to Canadians; all secured by residential real estate primarily located in urban markets of Western Canada. The AP team manages the entire lifecycle of every mortgage in the fund’s portfolio and we have done so for over $700 million dollars in mortgages since 2007.

For investors, AP Capital MIC is an alternative private investment chosen by many of Canada’s financial advisors and investment firms.  We are proud of our past performance with a 10-year average annual return of 7.95% (audited, net of fees). All investments are made with the assistance of a licensed financial advisor.

  • Mortgage brokers; we look forward to working with you and funding your deals.
  • Investment Advisors, IIROC, Institutional Investors, Family Offices, and EMDs; let’s discuss how AP Capital MIC might be a good option for you and your clients.
  • Shareholders and investors; thank you for your ongoing support.

We look forward to meeting and speaking with you.  Contact us here.

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