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We are a Vancouver, Canada based non-bank alternative mortgage lender operating in the private credit space. We fund and manage a diverse portfolio of hundreds of mortgages secured primarily by residential detached homes in major urban cities and communities in Western Canada. We launched AP Capital mortgage fund in 2007 and have since advanced and managed more than 2,000 mortgages. As a non-bank alternative lender, we offer a unique product at higher interest rates than conventional prime lending. We proudly work for our 1,350+ investors (Class B, Class F, and Class I shareholders) first and foremost.  Critical to our business is our great partners; including mortgage brokers, financial advisors, institutional investors, family offices, banking partners, conveyancing firms, lawyers and accountants, appraisers, and many more.  Contact Us to learn more about AP Capital!

AP Capital operates as both AP Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (mortgage fund) and AP Capital MIC Management Corp (management company).