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  • Offering Memorandum
  • An investment that has delivered over a 14 years of consecutive monthly distributions to shareholders
  • Rate of Return (net of fees)
    • Class B
      • 3 year 7.04%
      • 5 year 6.97%
      • 10 year 7.75%
    • Class F
      • 3 year 7.74%
      • 5 year 7.65%
      • 10 year n/a
  • Current monthly yield
    • 8.50% p.a. Class B (EMD)
    • 9.00% p.a. Class F (fee-based advisors)
  • No shareholder losses since inception
  • Unchanged net asset value (share price is $100/share) since inception
  • 100% of net income distributed to shareholders as per Canada’s Tax Act
  • Dependable and resilient business model
  • Experienced management and team

In Canada, there is over $2 trillion dollars in residential mortgage debt across over 15 million households. Seventy-five percent of this mortgage debt is held by Canada’s Schedule 1 banks with the balance held by mortgage finance companies,  trust companies, provincial Credit Unions, non-bank alternative lenders, and finally private lenders. As a non-bank alternative lender, AP Capital reaches the market of Canadian borrowers through the nation’s network of independent licensed mortgage brokers. AP’s underwriting team typically reviews over one thousand applications per year; reviewing each application and choosing only those that meet our rigid underwriting standards.  Typically seventy percent are rejected with thirty percent receiving a commitment to fund. Our team sets a high preference for highly marketable residential homes in urban populations cities and communities in Western Canada.

Canadians have nearly a century-long track record of making their mortgage payment a high priority. Mortgage delinquency rates have remained low for decades through many different cycles and Canada’s banks are often the envy of the banking world globally. Being a non-bank alt mortgage fund in the Canadian market, AP Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation can provide returns that fit well with many Canadian investors and their goals for capital preservation and steady yield.

If you and your clients are looking for a dependable investment option that is backed by Western Canadian residential real estate, AP Capital might be right for you.

AP Capital Mortage Investment Corporation requires all Canadian investors to invest through approved Registrants; including Registered Dealers, Institutional Investors, Family Offices, Investment Dealers (CIRO), and Exempt Market Dealers (EMD).  Dealing Representatives, Portfolio Managers, and Investment Advisors from these firms discuss the suitability of AP Capital for each investor’s overall portfolio and assist in completing the subscription documents and purchase of securities.  AP Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) is available through the Offering Memorandum exemption in Canada.  Class F shares are available through Fundserv (QWE834) and Class B shares through direct sales via EMDs.

AP Capital accepts new investments monthly on the 1st business day.  With Financial Advisor assistance, investors complete the Subscription Agreement after reviewing the most recent Offering Memorandum. Registered investments (RRSP, TFSA, etc) are also accepted and require a few extra steps via approved trustees.

Registrants, including Registered Dealers, Institutional Investors, Family Offices, Investment Dealers (CIRO), and Exempt Market Dealers (EMD), interested in marketing AP Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation to their clients are invited to contact us.